Colorful ribbons in Salvador Brazil
Ribbons in Salvador

Carnival in Salvador is one of the biggest events of the year in Brazil. Like carnival in Rio, carnival in Salvador is one of the best ways to take part in the pre-Lenten festivities while you are visiting Brazil.

But while carnival in Rio de Janeiro is centered around the shows in the famous Sambadrome, carnival in Salvador is a bit less of a spectator event and doesn’t have a specific theme. Visitors and locals alike are encouraged to take part in the parades and activities, and entry to the carnival events in Salvador comes with a T-shirt.

Many of the hotels in Salvador that are located along the parade route charge extra for rooms during carnival. If you want to avoid paying premium prices and don’t mind staying slightly off the beaten path, you can find better deals for hotels during carnival in Salvador if you stay away from the main festival areas.

Another tip for carnival in Salvador is to book early. Flights, hostels and hotels, tours, and other popular activities get booked up well ahead of time due to the high volume of visitors to Bahia during carnival. If you can book well in advance, you can get better prices and take advantage of special offers and deals.