Sand on a beach in Brazil
Beach in Brazil

Going to Angra dos Reis on a day trip from Rio de Janeiro is a great way to spend time when you are visiting Brazil.

Angra dos Reis is located on the Costa Verde, or Green Coast, an area to the west of Rio. It is a 2-hour-and-45-minute drive from the city, and the proximity makes it a great choice for a day trip. You can get to Angra dos Reis by car, taxi, or bus. Buses depart from Rio every hour and are run by a company called Costa Verde Transportation.

Angra dos Reis is known for the islands off its coast, and is popular as a luxury travel destination in Brazil. There are plenty of yachts off the shore, and many of the islands are frequented by the rich and famous.

People that go to Angra dos Reis on a day trip from Rio de Janeiro can explore the area’s beaches and waterfalls, participate in adventure sports, take cultural tours, and visit the historic city.

If you want to extend your day trip to Angra dos Reis, you can stay overnight or take a boat to the famous Ilha Grande, where there are also plenty of options accommodation.