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Where to Stay in Sao Paulo

It is sometimes difficult to decide where to stay in Sao Paulo, as the city is large and there are many options for hotels.

In a metropolis like as Sao Paulo you need to decide where to stay based on the location of the hotel. It’s terribly painful to travel long distances, so you want a hotel that is central to all the places you will be going.

If you want bars, clubs and nightlife in Sao Paulo, you should look to stay around Paulista Avenue. This is in central Sao Paulo and where the finance companies are located. The Renaissance and Intercontinental hotel in Sao Paulo are here.

The Morumbi Hilton and Grand Hyatt are way outside of the Sao Paulo city center in the Nacoes Unidas district.

That is where most of the multinational companies are and where you would be doing business if you visit Sao Paulo on a business trip.

The Morumbi Blue Tree hotel is located in this area. It is convenient to the Mall and many big buildings in Sao Paulo.

Apart from the international chain hotels in Sao Paulo, there are some smaller boutique hotels in downtown Sao Paulo. The Hotel Unique and the Faisano hotel in Sao Paulo are two good examples of places to stay.


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