Rio de Janeiro

Car Rental at Rio de Janeiro Airport

Rio de Janeiro beach in Brazil
Rio de Janeiro

Car rental at Rio de Janeiro airport is available from a number of different operators. Rio’s Galeao Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG) is home to both international and domestic rental car companies, so you have a lot of choice when you rent a car while visiting Brazil.

The main companies that have rental car desks at GIG airport include Avis, Hertz, Localiza, National, Thrifty and Unidas. Desks are located in both the domestic and international terminals.

All of the companies that offer car rental at Rio de Janeiro airport allow visitors to book their rental cars online in advance. This is a good idea because there are deals, discounts, and rental car voucher codes to be found online, and they will get you a better price than booking when you arrive at the airport. Making reservations ahead of time will also ensure that the type of car you want to rent is available for you when you arrive in Brazil.

If you go with car rental at Rio de Janeiro airport, make sure to inspect the vehicle for damage before you get in, and report any pre-existing damage to the company. Also be sure to find out whether you need to return your fuel tank full or empty, and if there are any charges for extra mileage or things that may not be obvious at first glance.

Iguazu Falls Day Trip from Rio de Janeiro

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

Many people that are visiting Brazil for only a short time want to go to Iguazu Falls on a day trip from Rio de Janeiro. For those that are interested in doing it, there is good news and bad news.

The good news is that it is technically possible to go on a day trip to Iguazu from Rio. The bad news is that it is both expensive and slightly inconvenient.

The airlines that fly from Rio to Iguazu do not offer flights that allow passengers enough time to travel to and from the falls in one day. As such, if you want to go on a day trip to Iguazu Falls, you will have to buy a one-way ticket on one airline to get there and a one-way ticket on another airline to get back. Prices for one-way flights are expensive, making it more economical to stay at a hotel in Iguazu overnight.

The other drawback is that even if you fly to Iguazu Falls with one airline and back with another, you still won’t have much time at the falls themselves. For example, TAM offers a flight that lands at IGU airport at 12:35pm, and GOL has a flight that departs IGU at 4:40pm. Given the transfer time and the need to arrive at the airport early to check in for your return flight, there isn’t a lot of time to see the falls.

Still, if you are determined to go to Iguazu Falls on a day trip from Rio de Janeiro, it is possible to do. If you don’t mind spending extra money and having a short visit, you can go there for a day and at least be able to say that you saw the famous waterfalls.

Angra dos Reis Day Trip from Rio de Janeiro

Sand on a beach in Brazil
Beach in Brazil

Going to Angra dos Reis on a day trip from Rio de Janeiro is a great way to spend time when you are visiting Brazil.

Angra dos Reis is located on the Costa Verde, or Green Coast, an area to the west of Rio. It is a 2-hour-and-45-minute drive from the city, and the proximity makes it a great choice for a day trip. You can get to Angra dos Reis by car, taxi, or bus. Buses depart from Rio every hour and are run by a company called Costa Verde Transportation.

Angra dos Reis is known for the islands off its coast, and is popular as a luxury travel destination in Brazil. There are plenty of yachts off the shore, and many of the islands are frequented by the rich and famous.

People that go to Angra dos Reis on a day trip from Rio de Janeiro can explore the area’s beaches and waterfalls, participate in adventure sports, take cultural tours, and visit the historic city.

If you want to extend your day trip to Angra dos Reis, you can stay overnight or take a boat to the famous Ilha Grande, where there are also plenty of options accommodation.